CELOS - From the Idea to the Finished Product

  • Innovative und easy machine operation and complete administration
  • All machines within a manufacturing organization can be networked
  • Paper-free manufacturing and well-structured procedures thanks to digital workflows

More information on CELOS at celos.dmgmori.com


The APP-based Control and Operation Software

CELOS with its functional scope already offers an appropriate solutions for manufacturing in Industry 4.0. Equipped with touchscreen control and high-performance processors, it provides a future-proof user interface that can be expanded with new APPs and updates tailored to your custom requirements.


CELOS as an control- and technology-free system is now also available for DMU 125 monoBLOCK, DMU 85 monoBLOCK, DMU 340 G linear as well as DMU 50 3rd with HEIDENHAIN control (TNC 640NC software 340 59x-08), including complete functionalities.

CELOS with Heidenhain


  • Clearly structured visualization of active transformations
  • Handwheel overlays related to different coordinate systems and the virtual tool axis
  • Data transfer from DFX, STEP and IGES and from 3D models
  • Time savings through a reduced number of tool changes
  • Turning in any orientation (PLANE function)
  • Easy programming of even complex turning procedures
  • No changes need to be made on processing programs
CELOS manufacturing

Focusing on Workflows

CELOS allows a unique process, production and machine management based on digital workflows. They can be applied to consistently control, manage and organize procedures connected to the machinery environment.

CELOS Manufacturing


  • CELOS APP-based digital workflows for efficiency at the highest level in paper-free production
  • CELOS APPs for machine-oriented fine planning of production processes

Managing Maintenance Processes Quick and Easy: With Digital Workflows Provided by CELOS

Digital Factory – Open Connectivity

Intelligent and Cross-Linked

Summed up under OPEN CONNECTIVITY, DMG MORI offers CELOS devices and networking solutions for the Digital Factory. For the first time, we are opening our APP-based control and operation software CELOS with CELOS PROtab and CELOS NETbox to machines with CELOS of older generations and/or from other manufacturers.



  • Multiple machine operation via industrial-suited tablet
  • CELOS features for machines from other manufacturers
  • Operation of DMG MORI machine without CELOS
  • Data-consistent, paper-free manufacturing
  • Multiple user operation via unambiguous user authentication

  • Networking: Via WLAN, docking station or CELOS NETbox

  • Measurements: 12.93” x 8.17” x .75” (328.5 mm x 207.5 mm x 19 mm)

  • Weight: 2.9 lbs. (1.34 kg.)

Available CELOS APPs for CELOS PROtab


  • Networking of DMG MORI machines of older generations and from other manufacturers with CELOS
  • Interfaces for data transfers between CELOS NETbox and CELOS APPs
  • Direct selection of NC programs via CELOS, combined with CELOS PROtab
  • Includes firewalling functionalities to protect the machine from hacker attacks
Versions of CELOS NETbox
  • CELOS NETbox to Rent: Includes cloud connection, device management, MESSENGER and NETSERVICE features, on a monthly basis. All MESSENGER and security updates per month are included. Future-proof due to permanent software extensions.
  • CELOS NETbox to Buy: Includes cloud connection, device management (3 years), MESSENGER and NETSERVICE functionalities (3 years each). All MESSENGER and security updates are included for 3 years. Future-proof due to permanent software extensions. Change to rental model and exchange oft he CELOS NETbox possible after 3 years.

CELOS – Simplified machine operation. Integration of machine.

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